Does your SEO Campaign need a boost?

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If like most films you’re using the internet to attract more clients this year, then no doubt at some point you will have looked at SEO (search engine optimisation). You have probably got an SEO strategy and may just need someone to ensure you are heading in the right direction; maybe you want someone to manage or deliver your search engine objectives.

In this article semlocal will attempt to discuss “Does your SEO Campaign need a boost?”, what you can do to give your SEO campaign a boost and what you should consider in developing a SEO Strategy

Without Keywords you don’t have a SEO strategy

The starting point for any SEO campaign is to understand what terms your customers are looking for on which search engines. Whilst Google is the daddy of all search engines many more mobile searches are now being searched via bing or Microsoft, with people using the phones default (recommended) search engine.

To begin with you will need to identify which keywords and search phrases will help you rank better with a search engine. Knowing the search volumes will help you determine your expected returns. As ultimately it is these keywords and phrases that will ultimately drives traffic to your website.

It is also important to find which is the best platform for your SEO / SEM (search engine marketing) efforts. Pay Per click, organic rankings or local listings.

As a basic keyword research tool you can use Google’s Adwords planner keyword tool for some suggestions. We use a combination of search tools to identify the best keywords for our customers including competitor research, trend analysis and keyword planning tools.

The Quality of your Content Matters

AnalyticsThe way you write and produce your content is key in developing an SEO Campaign. Keyword stuffing and poor quality content is more likely to harm then achieve the great results you are looking for.

A basic tip is to write content for your readers and not just for the search engines, having 1 or 2 keyword phrases per article works fine, and only repeated every 350 to 400 words also works well.

When it comes to working with the search engines such as Google, yahoo and Bing, quality is much more important that quantity. Although producing regular and relevant content is also a key requirement for your SEO Campaign

Quality Backlinks Achieve Results

Creating great quality content keeps customers on your site (yes Google measures the time people spend on your site), then driving customers to your site is through the links they find across the internet is equally important.

You should not underestimate the value of good quality backlinks nor should you assume that all links are equal.

Some time ago, it was generally thought that the more links you have the better, well Google closed that little loophole and started to penalise people who had spammy links, today its much better to have a few high quality links then a mass of low quality links.


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Be social on social media

The emergence of social media has started to impact on search results, with the search engines monitoring. Linking and Liking from Social sites can drive website traffic and improve your page rank and SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Social Bookmarking, online reviews and page likes impact on your results now, Social Networking should be part of your SEO strategy. Its also a great way to interact and engage with your customers.

What Happens Next

If the answer to the question Does your SEO Campaign need a boost? Is yes then there are plenty of SEO companies who will offer advice at a charge, SemLocal will give you the best advice for free. No hidden charges and no hidden fees.

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