SemLocal – Generating More Mobile Dent Repair Leads Then Our Customer Can Handle

Generating More Mobile Dent Repair Leads Then Our Customer Can Handle

Just a few months ago we were approached by a small local business located in Chester, that provides a mobile dent repair service in Cheshire and the North West. We quickly established that the business owner wanted only one thing, more mobile dent repair leads for his business.

DentShifter had been trading for about 2 years, with an established website and a minimal digital footprint. The Dentshifter brand appeared at the top of page one for the search term DentShifter, but languished way down the search rankings for the terms that his customers used to search for his mobile dent repair business.

The first part of our strategy was to establish what were the most common search terms DentShifters potential customers were looking for and we focused our efforts on 3 core activities:

1. Local Digital marketing

2. Search Engine Marketing

3. Website Presence

The net result now is that Dentshifter is inundated with mobile dent repair leads, coming from a wide variety of local sources.

Need to test the results of our Project

With minimal effort anyone could be ranked highly for the business brand, when doing a local search, unless your brand is to big for local, (such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc ), the tough piece is getting listed multiple times on Googles page 1 for the terms your customers are actually searching for.

Using as the search engine and when searching for the term dent repair chester, the customers website is positioned prominently in googles search results.

In the image below  you will see listings found in:

1. PPC – Pay Per Click

2. Local Marketing – Googles places for business

3. Organic search results in position 1

In addition to these listing we have also secondary listing found on page 1 from directory sites and social medial

Search Engine Marketing drives customers searching the internet to your online assets

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