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SemLocal is a specialist Search engine marketing company providing local search marketing services for small and local business’s who are looking to generate more leads from the internet.

Search Engine Marketing is about creating an effective digital footprint

The Local Search Association (LSA) asked 2,147 consumers to identify the sources they use in looking for local businesses, products, or services, and rate the likelihood of using that source from 1-5, with 5 being extremely likely.

The below chart, put together by Marketing Sherpa using LSA data, shows those responses with a 5 rating. The data illustrates that, while search engines are clear leaders in the way that consumers look for local businesses and services, other media platforms and competition cannot be ignored.

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Search Engine Marketing is about creating an online search marketing strategy, thats gets you found in the places where customers are looking.

Why is Search Marketing important to Small and Local Business

It is important for Small and Local business’s to engage a cross-media marketing strategy that uses multiple opportunities for your web assets to be found and to capture a diverse audience in different stages of their path to purchase.

Each channel has its own strengths and presents an different opportunity to market more efficiently and take advantage of those strengths. Simply put, invest in marketing where the return is greatest.


If you don’t yet know where that is speak with an expert at SemLocal