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Successfully gathering Customer feedback has become a must for any business that is looking to survive and trade online. Giving and receiving feedback is essential in business communication. As the title suggests, customer feedback has a lot of power and can impact your business both positively and negatively, online and offline.

Genuine customer feedback can assist the management team to measure the business performance against its vision, goals and objectives In the same way customer feedback can make your business standout in Google search results.

In this post, SemLocal attempts to highlight the importance of feedback both to within i.e. inside your business and outside i.e. from your genuine customers.

How to make customer feedback part of your business

Gathering customer feedback may seem like a good thing to do, however you really need to sit down and decide why or how customer feedback could benefit your business. (or harm your business)

As a business leader you need to clearly define why you want customer feedback and understand what are your business desired outcomes.

Understanding your desired outcomes will help you define the key questions you need to survey.

You may wish to source customer feedback after you have identified:

  • Who will request the feedback (Internal / external)
  • How will you collect the customer feedback? (On-line / offline)
  • Should I incentivise customers to provide feedback?
  • What part of the customer experience would you like to improve
  • What will you do with the information gathered

Importance of Generating Customer Feedback

Feedback Helps in Increase Performance

Feedback is basically a way of accessing your current or past performance. It is a form of analysis provided by your customers, staff suppliers and stakeholders.

If your customers gave you a negative feedback or in other words, they criticised your work then you may want to review the service that received and implement performance measurement to ensure future customers receive the service your company aims to provide.

If you receive positive feedback from your customers then this means that you are performing well in these areas and this can in a way boost your teams morale and share the teams success in achieving great results.

Publishing customer reviews on the internet, in social media, search engines and directories can be a great way for potential customers to quickly gain confidence and trust in your companies abilities.

Whatever it is, feedback or a review, both are directly linked to current customer and future customers experiences. Irrespective of the type of feedback, positive or negative you should always consider dealing with the response in a constructive manner.

Feedback Motivates

As explained above, feedback (either positive or negative) given by your customers helps in motivating you, your employees, suppliers and stakeholders

Positive feedback, primarily, is an indication of your customers’ praise for your products or services. It is an appreciation of the way your business or individuals are functioning.

Feedback Helps in Attaining the Needs and Demands of Customers

Feedback is a reflection of your overall functioning and is also sort of a requirement list on behalf of your clients. It determines the tasks that are important for your business.

When a company does not receive feedback from its customers, it fails to meet their needs and demands.

Importance of Feedback within Business Communications

Feedback Strengthens Internal Bonds

When you and your employees constantly give and receive feedback, the internal relationships within your business get strengthened.

Employees feel attached with the organization and consider that they have a say in the various matters of your business. This makes them feel bonded and associated with your business.

Feedback Strengthens Communication Skills

When your employees and you continue to exchange feedback regarding diverse situations with each other, this tends to strengthen the communication skills among the members of your business.

Feedback also supports diversity within an organization especially within international organizations where people from different backgrounds work together.

Feedback Helps in Motivating Employees

When you as an employer give positive feedback to your hardworking employees, you basically encourage them and motivate them to do even better in the future.

A constructive criticism from your side also helps employees in increasing their performance or amending the way they are currently functioning.

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